Who is Dance Me Beautiful for?

Posted in Book Updates, Life Lessons from Dance on Dec 4, 2012

I was asked last week, who Dance Me Beautiful is for. I think Dance Me Beautiful is for anyone who yearns for ‘something more.’

I always assume that Dance Me Beautiful is a ‘women’s book’ and yet I am continually surprised when a man challenges me on that saying that he could very much relate to the story, the struggle and the triumph.

On Dancing With The Stars this season, Kelly Monaco said, ‘this show has nothing to do with dance.’ And I think she’s right. Dancing with the Stars and Dance Me Beautiful are not about dance; they are about our soul’s journey as we become more of who we are.

Last weekend I did a performance at my dance studio’s 59th anniversary party. I had pre-recorded excerpts from Dance Me Beautiful in between the foxtrot, waltz and tango music. The room was dark as each excerpt was read and then the lights and music came on as my dance instructor and I danced. The voice in the dark room was haunting and the songs chosen for each dance helped to tell the story.

We had done the performance at the book launch and it was a huge success. That had been an audience of my colleagues, friends, clients and family. This time we were performing for an audience of dancers.

Afterward I was struck by the comments from new dancers and seasoned dancers alike.

“I too remember learning to dance on my father’s feet,” said one fellow dance student.

“I felt the same way when I walked into a dance studio for the first time. I wanted to turn around and walk out,” said a long time dancer.

“I too, am hoping to reclaim my life through dance,” said a new student.

“I was surprised at how choked up I got,” said one of the dance teachers.

And as I left the dance studio that night, I felt a sense of belonging. Our stories, our hopes, our dreams and our struggles are so much more universal than we imagine them to be. We imagine that we are all alone thinking and feeling what we do, but we really are all in this dance of life together.