What Readers Are Saying

With Dance Me Beautiful, you have given us a powerful and remarkable insight into a soulful journey that is experienced through Ballroom Dancing. It is a must read for dance students and dance teachers alike, or anyone who hopes to regain their passion for life. We thank you for your honesty!

– Arthur Baird, President, President of Ballroom Magic, CDF Member, Dance Instructor at Pollock Dance Studio in Toronto

I wanted to say again how much I enjoyed Dance Me Beautiful.  I read it in one sitting.  I don’t know what I was expecting.  But certainly not the rawness and vulnerability you’ve captured on these pages.  I’m quite impressed.  I felt that as the reader, I was accompanying you on a spiritual and physical journey and awakening.  And as a dancer (okay, wanna-be dancer) I could identify with so much of what you wrote.

–Shelley McVea, Anglican Priest


I read the Wonder that is your book the day you sent it to me. Here’s what struck me. How did you have such deep connection to what you do and are when you dance?  Your insight is incredible. It is really more like a 60 year old looking back on her journey through dance. Not a 30 something. Your writing is clear and sharp, but with many, many soft edges. Your vulnerability is buffered by your strength in perservering and of course, telling this story. You are a colourful storyteller, as you are in life. You should be very proud of this accomplishment. Oh, did I mention that I loved it!!! Bravo!

– Laurie Stein LLB, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Connections Child and Family Counselling

It’s about loving the good, the bad and the ugly in ourselves and finding the trust to face our fears and move through them with passion even when we may not yet have the vision. Every time I read Dance Me Beautiful I take something new away from this book. It is a must read and a must re-read!

–Sheila Brown, M.S.W., R.S.W., Acc.FM  Facilitating Change

I have to applaud your bravery in sharing such raw emotions, and I hope to someday have that sort of passion for something. Sharing your vulnerability will give comfort to many people wondering how to take chances, how to fulfill one’s desires. You told your story in wonderful parallels to horse riding and even your experience in court.

She is a natural storyteller who has found an appropriate genre in the memoir. Her writing is simple, lucid, and powerful.

The author does a fine job of sharing certain key events from her life, particularly learning to dance. She narrates this story with candor and deep awareness. She has a clear and distinctive voice; her memories of how she felt and what she learned from her instructor make for vivid and compelling reading. The book’s organization is good; the story flows smoothly from one section and one event to the next, with a solid narrative arc and some dramatic tension. This simple story of the life lessons the author learned from dancing will be welcomed by readers seeking a work that inspires and helps awaken one’s connection with her own spirit and grace.