Technique and the Soul

Posted in Life Lessons from Dance on Sep 16, 2012

“The technique allows your soul to express itself,” Katia says as she re-positions my right toe, my head, my right elbow and my left hand. So true, I think to myself. When we watch talented dancers or listen to gifted singers, they take us on a soul’s journey and we are lifted along with the dance or the music. That is what makes me want to dance. My soul expresses itself through words and as I play with the words and re-arrange the sentences, the art emerges and I feel transformed and satisfied. I write because I need to. I need the alchemy of writing to transform my struggles and humanity into something more meaningful. Writing gives ordinary events in my life meaning. Sharing my writing with others brings an intimacy that makes me feel connected and seen. However, there is a part of me that cannot find adequate expression through writing. Either because the craft of my writing is not elevated enough or because it is a part that needs to be expressed physically. And so my soul whispers to me that I must dance. I must work on the craft of dancing and master the technique so that my soul can express itself. As I immerse myself in the technique of the smooth ballroom dances, I am starting to feel the possibilities of my soul’s expression. I am not there yet, but I can feel my soul cheering me on.