Moments in Dance; Memories in Life

Posted in Life Lessons from Dance on Nov 4, 2012

“You missed a moment,” my dance instructor said. “It is important to explore and savour each moment even if it means you get a bit behind the music for a second – you can always catch up in the next steps.”

Ahh, the dance version of stop and smell the roses!

Changes of direction seem to be particularly natural opportunities to create a moment.

“Stretch, smile and connect. Create a moment and then let it go and move on,” he explained.

Some movement then stillness then movement again. Although even in the stillness there is movement. The stretch continues in the pause. It feels amazing. It really does feel like poetry in motion.

I love this concept. We have a tradition in our family of ‘making a memory.’ In a special moment, one of us will remind another to look around, breathe it in and make a memory. I remember our extended family being at Calabogie resort on a perfect Canadian winter weekend and my aunt actually waking up her young children to come to the window and make a memory as the older children, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents were engaged in a late night pond hockey game. I come from a family tradition of making memories and so not surprising that I would fall in love with this idea of creating moments in dance.

“Yes, there you go. You created a beautiful moment,” he said with a smile.

‘A moment worthy of making a memory’ I think to myself as my smile widens and I move on.