About the Book

Dance Me Beautiful is a simple and hopeful story of life lessons learned through ballroom dancing. It follows Deborah’s journey from her first dance lesson to tests, competitions and performances as she struggles to break free from shame and self-doubt. Step by step, she dances herself beautiful.

This engaging and compelling memoir will inspire you to take chances and fulfill your dreams.

An Excerpt from Dance Me Beautiful

Dance Me Beautiful book cover“Look up to the heavens and open your heart to receive joy,” he said as he encouraged me to hold my frame even when it felt physically and emotionally unbearable. He supported my spine with his hands and supported my heart with his soothing presence. “Whatever you are feeling, whatever you are experiencing, just stay with it.”

I did not know what I was experiencing but knew that I did not want to stay with it. I was leaning back, looking up and out, and somehow that was incredibly uncomfortable and made me want to cry. I was experiencing something unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and I felt extraordinarily self-conscious. But it also felt intriguing and inviting. I did not want to stay there any longer, but I somehow sensed that I might want to return.

He stayed with me through the worst of it. I relaxed into it and then he commented on the beautiful flush that had come over me. Suddenly I felt that I had been caught smiling at my reflection in the mirror and I was embarrassed.

Days later I realized that this dance frame, in which my chest opens outward and upward and where my head and heart lift up to the heavens, is the exact opposite of shame. It’s like saying, “Hello, world, I’m here and I have a right to be here, and I’m not going anywhere!” It’s a moment of unabashedly smiling at oneself. It’s being vulnerable and powerful at the same time. It’s a moment of surrender and acceptance and of letting go. It’s peace and stillness, movement and freedom.