A Canadian Thanksgiving Thank You

Posted in Life Lessons from Dance on Oct 7, 2012

A Canadian Thanksgiving thank you to the dance teachers of the world – they are our guides to our whole selves.

A friend described Dance Me Beautiful as my journey to ‘living full out.’ I like that expression. It’s what dance helps us do – show up with our whole selves – the vulnerability, the strength, the sexiness, the womanliness, the playfulness, the intensity, the romance, the beauty. In speaking to other dance students, I notice a common theme of immense gratitude for our teachers. They are our guides to our deepest and truest selves.

It can’t be easy to show up day after day teaching the same steps over and over. It must get boring and repetitive at times. It must get frustrating when progress is slow. And at some level they must just have to trust that dance is working its magic on their students. So on this Canadian Thanksgiving, a big thank you to all you dance teachers out there!